Vanagupes parkas

Final construction stage of Vanagupės park project is complete!

Last chance to purchase a high quality 2-3 room apartment with stylish interior and enjoy life surrounded by pine forest.

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About the Project

Beautiful places bring forth beautiful stories, and Vanagupė Park is certainly beautiful – an exquisite locale, enfolded by pine trees and caressed by a gentle sea breeze. Harmoniously interlaced with the coastal landscape, this modern housing estate, which flawlessly combines high quality, aesthetics, luxury and functionality, can become not only a comfortable place to stay for the holidays or move in, but also a cozy, serene and privacy-ensuring home where you can enjoy small everyday wonders and create your own unique story…

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location-map Palangos tiltas Dviraciu takas SPA, restoranas Pirtys, baseinai Papludimys Treniruokliai Begimo takas Vanagupės Parkas



Address: Vanagupes str. 7F, Palanga

Tel.:  +370 690 00 015